2 of a kind
Too young to lie
Old enough to cry
About anything
But a childs

Mary and norma bell
No relation
Both from hell
Lollipops and candy canes and broken scissors and razor blades
All these things make for play
Cold lifeless body with letters engraved

I murder so that I may come back X2

This dilemma
To stay and watch
A life slip away
You're guilty

Little girls play with dangerouse toys
Like the health and welfare of even younger boys
And all the infants that she may destroy
Will be redeemed by this musical exploit
1 to 10 complete confusion 10 to 16 institution


She chose to kill X3
Her childhood thrill

2 little girls named F and F carved a capital M into his chest as the child gasped for breathe she squeezed his neck till there was nothing left norma and mary danced and played and visited all of their victims graves attention felt like center stage int he book of murder this is another page

One more time
To show respect
To little martin and his dead friends
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Fanny And Faggot Lyrics

Stoopid Ugly Stik – Fanny And Faggot Lyrics

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