There's a rainbow in Toronto where the Maritimers all go
They always get a potfull but they never get a pot of gold

But they're to it and at it at it and to it
Ya gotta tune your attitude in
If ya don't get at it when ya get to it
Ya won't get to it to get at it again

A guy from old New Brunswick He couldn't even pay his rent
We don't know how he traveled But we all know where he went
He was


A girl from old spud Island-Old Potato lips
She married a Newfoundlander and they lived on fish and chips
But they were


A guy from Nova Scotia, he can't afford the train
He's sittin' on a streetcar, but he's eastbound just the same


A Frenchman from the Gaspe said "Frogs don't like smog!"
So he hopped in a swamp of lilies where he lives in a hollow log
But he's


A guy from old Cape Breton, so lonesome he got stoned
He crawled into a suitcase, and somebody mailed him home.
But he's

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To It And At It Lyrics

Stompin' Tom Connors – To It And At It Lyrics