Take Two and call me in the morning,
Is what the doctor said,
I think I'm breaking down again.

Now I think that I've discovered,
Something that I hate,
I think that you should hate me too.

And now I think that Your the one,
To pull me back from what I've done.

And I need the answer, and I need someone, and I need something to pull me back, to pull me back.

Now I think that I'm beginning,
To see a better way,
I'd never make it on my own.
Take two and call me in the morning,
I didn't make the call...they did not help at all.

Get back, you knock me down,
You don't know where I'm going when I hit the ground,
I gotta get up. Get you off my back.
It's time to make up for all the things I lack.
I gotta find this, only thing that I need,
Hit the ground running with the strength to proceed
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Take Two Lyrics

Stillday – Take Two Lyrics