Well the schemer's world is dizzy by the look of
Things he's busy lighting candles at both ends
Playing king with all his friends.
And his big plans for the future lay on someone
Else's shoulders but he never tells them so, well
He don't want them to know.
I don't think I like the schemer's schemes: they use,
Abuse and I've paid my dues - excuse me if I don't
Stay, that's all I've got to say.
Well he thinks I owe my life to him what a humble guy
It was better late than never when we said good-bye
If you hear me out there schemer boy, you blew
It bad
But that's alright for you.
Well the dreamer's situation's sure a sign of
Certain death
He thinks he's found his way at last, but he don't
Know this dream peaks fast.
And his politics and morals, just a phrase of fancy
Words and then he thinks he's warm and real, but
He's still as cold as steel.
I don't think I like this dreamer's dreams, try to
Light they won't ignite
Bite and he don't bleed, fight and he'll concede.
Well, he's got a lot, but I can't ignore the price he

Looking down his sloppy front he thinks he's got
It made
Well, if you hear me out there, dreamer boy, you
Blew it bad
But that's alright for you, yeah
That's alright for you.
Well, prissy miss Christina don't tell no one she's
Sixteen, ah but she knows just what to sell
Promised Mommy not to tell.
And she's over bred and under fed - you'd like to
Take her right to bed
Tries hard to look the part like she'd be nasty in
The dark
Well, once I tried to win it she said "Just a New
York Minute, boy,
Before we can get along don't you know you've got
To grease my palm."
I said, "look madam, one dollar's all that I can find"
So she screamed "Get out, get out before I lose
My mind!"
Well, if you hear me out the screamer, girl, you could
Have had
But that's alright for you
That's alright for you.
That's alright little mama, that's alright for you
That's alright little mama, any old thing you do
That's alright, that's alright
That's alright little mama, anything you wanna do.
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Schemer Dreamer Lyrics

Steve Walsh – Schemer Dreamer Lyrics

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