I'm just the paint
You paint the picture
What are you seeing?
What are you feeling?

And all my colors
For your creating

Is your rainbow
Black and blue
Or your heavens,
Cherry Blossoms?

But what do you cover
With your ocean of colors?

Secrets? Regrets?

Who are you
Through and through?

See who you are
Deep in the core
Under the paint
Under It All

Paint me your face
And please be revealing
What are you dreaming?
What are you praying for?

JOEY BRIDER: Now I lay me down to sleep and pray the Lord to be with all the people that have nobody. I want my mommy to come back.

SISTER RUBY THERESA: Oh, mighty Father who is within, I beg you for your mercy. Please save me from this guilt and pain that has stolen my life.

MARIA HENDRIX: All I ever wanted was someone to love me. That's all that I ever wanted. All I want is someone to love me.

GUZZO SOCKLER: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by Thy money. They kingdom come...money, They will be done...money, on Earth as it is in money. Give us this day our daily money...and forgive us our money, as we forgive those who money against us. And lead us into money.

EVE PETERSON: Glipplupp---hmmsgulpplvgud---ohhhhaabawewglaba---- hmmmmmmm, hmmmmm-agullgullg, etc.

Pray for fortunes
Pray for love
Or the highest
Radha Soami

Or do you see that all
Is buried within us all?

Deeper, look deeper

Or is there just nothing
There at all?

JOEY BRIDER: Hi, my name is Joey Brider, and when I grow up I wanna be a doctor. But I don't know is that I'm actually going to discover the cure for loneliness.

SISTER RUBY THERESA: I'm Sister Ruby Theresa, and I've spent my life caring for the poor and the sick. I've saved so many, but accidentally killed my baby brother when I was seven.

MARIA HENDRIX: I was 12 when I told my parents that my teacher touched me. He lost his job and family and died in prison. Then, when I was 35, I told the truth.

GUZZO SOCKLER: I have a beautiful wife, three amazing daughters that love me very deeply, but what I would like most in this world is Bill Gates' money.

MICHAEL NEMUS: I never thought that anything I could ever say could hurt someone so deeply.

SISTER RUBY THERESA: God gave the gift of artists to the world, so that people can dream while they're awake.

JOEY BRIDER: I'm alive and I'm aware!

MARIA HENDRIX: I'm...only happy when...everyone else is mserable.

MICHAEL NEMUS: I'm going to tell you the Truth, even if I have to lie to you.


SISTER RUBY THERESA: I would suffer another whole lifetime of emptiness and pain just to hear, one time again, the whisper of Your small, tiny voice.

GUZZO SOCKLER: Now you listen to me you dirty mutha-fugler. You don't know me, and now you fuglin did it. Now come here...Bang!!!

PRESIDENT AUSI OAK (US): It is time we stand up for our human rights and our way of life and destroy our enemy, for they are soulless animals an the corrupters of freedom.

I take an oath to hunt them down and root them out and kill them until they are dead. We will not give up the fight until righteousness prevails, for it is for sure that God is on our side.

BIN LENNY (THEM): The time hascome that we must protect our souls and the future of our kind by annihilating the infidels; it is our duty to the creator to cleanse the world of such filth.

Let us gloriously offer our lives, for the rewards of heaven await us, for it is sure that God is on our side.


See who you are
Deep in the core
Under the paint
Under It All

Straight to the heart
Behind the walls
Under the paint
There's so much more
Under It All
There's so much more
Under It All
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Under It All Lyrics

Steve Vai – Under It All Lyrics