As love rides up, saw lone ranger
Changed you into something, richer, stranger
Stranger than fiction, truth or the dare
I say "when you come down", you say "come down from where"

Riding to the future would be easy for you
To fall into your heart would be easy to do
Love doesn't come as you like it
Rob you of your dreams, repossess your soul
Give me nothing back for the time they stole
Love doesn't come as you like it

Aim low on the cupids, arrow can't go through
The woman is an island, and not even you
Standing here together in the new land
I won't bear arms if I can hold your hand

I could never say what I really wanna say
Would you understand, would you walk away
I don't know how it's gonna end
Will we be lovers or just good friends

Love doesn't come
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As You Like It Lyrics

Steve Kilbey – As You Like It Lyrics