All creation has a language
Words to say what must be said
All day long the heavens whisper
Signing word in scarlet red
Amber rays and crimson rainbows
Twinkling stars and flashing light
Punctuate the heavens’ statement:
“God is glorious, perfect, right
God is glorious, perfect, right”

All day long the sun proclaims it
Like a Bridegroom dressed in white
Coming from His tent to greet them
All His guests feel His delight
Words of love and warmth He whispers
Warning all who hear His voice
“Oh, be glad and share My table
Dance and celebrate . . . rejoice!
Dance and celebrate . . . rejoice!”

All creation sings His praises
Earth and heaven praise His name
All who live come join the chorus
Find the words His love proclaim

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Anthem Lyrics

Steve Green – Anthem Lyrics