Oh, few things work out like you want 'em to
But just do your best, it's the best you can do
The sailboats are gliding to shore with the wind
Go out and stroll about and find a friend

Yeah the long week is gone--now the weekend's begun
Go down and check the tavern, you might find some fun
The girls from the high ridge are singing tonight
Hang out and drink some wine and feel all right

Does your heart tell the truth when you're lying?
Does your blues get you high when you're crying?
Oooh, oooh now

Yeah, the telephone's ringing, but nobody's home
She's out for the ev'ning, but she's not out alone
Of course you could find her, but what'd be the use?
Hang out and drink some wine and just get juiced

Does your mind hit the groove when you're gleaming?
Does your life start to live while you're dreaming?
Oooh, oooh now


The slow week is gone, now the weekend will run
Relax on a Sunday and soak up some sun
There ain't much of nothin' that's free anymore
But the sunshine's real fine and don't keep score

Do you think you could love one and only?
Does your blues get you off when you're lonely?
Oooh, oooh now
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The Weekend Lyrics

Steve Forbert – The Weekend Lyrics

Songwriters: STEVE FORBERT
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