It's beautiful, I'm a fool, tried to save you from the
Rainy days
Looking back down the track I'm the one who carried
All your weight
Yes you lie all the time and I don't believe you
Dodging blame catching planes ride my tail to freedom

You don't know what it is you got
You don't know where you're going
You don't know what is right from wrong
All that you do is lie so
Just get out of my life
You're passing the buck
Get in, just hold up your hands and take the shame
Just get out you're lying again take the blame
Just get out of my life and be a man

Yeah yeah yeah

Look at you, what you do?
My ears are burning from the
Tales you spin
Cracks me up that you love telling people all the lies
You made
I'm the one that tried time and time again to please ya
Forgetting me and misery, what did you ever give me back?



If you can
Hold up your hands


If you can
Hold up your hands
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Pass The Buck Lyrics

Stereophonics – Pass The Buck Lyrics

Songwriters: JONES, KELLY
Pass The Buck lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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