My father was a haystack man, always said son go find what you can.
Said the guns get jammed up in the sand, don't let them try to fool you.

I said but daddy we ain't fightin' the Cong no more.
He said you're going over there to lose the very same war.
I said nothin' you can do is gonna make me stay,
Gotta let others have their glory day.

But you know the whole town's getting' together in Leeland's barn.
Everyone's getting' their nice shoes on.
Girls are all cuttin' up their confirmation dresses.
Streets will be empty tomorrow as the whole town confesses.

It's a barn storming yeah,
Gonna leave my bed tomorrow.
It's gonna be a barn stormin' yeah,
Won't hold a head of sorrow.
Cause it's a lovely heartbreak, a lovely heartbreak.

Now Ginny she was up to no good,
As up to no good as she could sometimes be.
I used to lie awake at night,
Just thinkin' about her being up to no good with me.
But tonight she said just like the flower to the bees,
I'm gonna give you a little somethin' before you go overseas.
All I could do was stammer,
Yes, yes please look in the other direction.


Cause I never been laid and so it goes,
Never danced before so stoned.
It was the first time I didn't want to go,
Now I wish I could take it all back again.

She spit in my hand,
Said boy I'm gonna make you a man.
It was all I could do to stand and ask the levy to hold.

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Barn Storming Lyrics

State Radio – Barn Storming Lyrics