The clouds roll away
The darkness fades into the light
of a new day
Where everything feels so right
I blink again
More beautiful youve become
The stars cant win against your eyes

And you wont believe how beautiful
you are to me

Cause you dont know
that you are more than what you know
And you should know
that you are more than what you know

The sun doesnt know
how it drapes the sky with red and blue
And I wish I could show you
How youve changed my life

And you wont believe
How beautiful you are to me


You roll your eyes
Everytime I say you are the best
And i love you more
Everytime you say youre like the rest

Cause you know theres more
than magazines
Theres more than television screens
You can roll your eyes
and tell me im insane
But I am only crazy for you

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You Are More Lyrics

Starting Tuesday – You Are More Lyrics