You I trusted your intentions a trust you took
Advantage of
Now you, are sitting in the hole that you dug
Around yourself

You've lied so much you thinks it's true
Do you know what the truth is?
How does someone get to be like you
The king of all excuses

Is she your partner in deception or caught inside the web you've spun?
Did you forget that you were family, the damage you have done


I trusted you
I trusted in you

This time your gonna get it
All the things you've done coming back to you
This time your gona feel it
Your conscience slowly suffocating you
In time you will regret it
Say goodbye to all the things
You've gotten used to
Life will find a way
To bring this karma to you
To bring this karma to you


Everything must come full circle
It kills me that I feel this hurtful
I wonder what your children think of you
The king of all excuses
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King Of All Excuses Lyrics

Staind – King Of All Excuses Lyrics

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