When your heart dies
A little each day
And your mouth's open wide
But you can't find a word to say
When you close your eyes
And see a dream that'll never be satisfied
I'll be waiting around
With a bucketful of tears that you've cried
I don't wanna be left a lone
Knocked down, tied up, or on my own
You don't wanna be left alone
Knocked down, tied up, or on your own
when the sun goes down
On your desires each night
And you're so hard up
But you can't find the will to fight
When it's all so cruel
And your life disappears right before your eyes
Baby take my hand
You know it's not a thing that I despise
I tried to make a path, carve my own way
I opened my mouth and you truned away
Once when you placed your hand in mine
I caught a glimpse of all I'd left behind
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Left Alone Lyrics

Squad Five-o – Left Alone Lyrics