My mind is screamin' 45
'Cause you're still alive
These signal lights I'm running through
It's all I can do just to get to you

You know I love (you)
You know I hate (you)
You know I need you
But I just can't take any more
Time to take a walk out in the moonlight with my love
'Cause I just can't take any more
Any more


American made
American made

I got my hands around your neck
I'm looking straight in your eyes
You taste the steel as you feel
If you're gonna lie, then you're gonna die

[Chorus: x2]

'Cause I'm gonna tell you
I'm gonna see through
I'll suffer for you
I'm gonna kill you

[Chorus: x2]

American made, ha ha ha!
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American Made Lyrics

Sprung Monkey – American Made Lyrics