Satellites and radio towers
Lightbulbs in the deep
Tiny artificial eyes
Protect you while you sleep

And tell your mama
That you've gotta go
And even though it's cold outside
It's the only place that you know
It's a heavy home

Three steps forward, one step back
Eggshells 'neath your feet
Turning all that's gray to black
The daylight's great defeat


And when you get there
There's a tall drink of water
And a bitter pill
It's all you get so choke it down
And when you get you've had your fill
You'll smile your crooked smile for old time's sake
And find your place in the sadness
Don't walk away in the dark
It's not all gray in the sadness

I can tell it when you speak
You shiver everywhere
Paper walls let the nighttime through
But there ain't enough to share

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Heavy Home Lyrics

Spring Standards – Heavy Home Lyrics