That's so cool how you dropped out of school
And now you think maybe you'll have another baby.
Too bad you didn't catch the father's name - ... What a shame.

So the guy was the apple of your eye?
He laid you down and got the hell out of town
He acts tough and he made a few bucks
But the only thing he gave you was a half a minute fuck

You are a sweet girl
It's just a sour world
But you'll look back on what you did,
And wish you were a kid again.

Cause everybody loves a teenage queen
Everybody hangs around and wants to join her scene
So before you go thru hell and heaven and everything between
Remember everybody loves a teenage queen

Yeah, that just rules -
Forget about the fools who say you're too young...
Sure, 16 is no fun anyway......
So now you can drive yourself to work!
Oh, you don't work...

So you thought it's best that you should run away
Now you have no friends and nothing left to say
A new man, you love the way he treats ya
A new tan, to hide the way he beats ya

You don't have to live this way no more
But you keep coming back for more!
And It makes me mad, to see you sad,
When all you want is what you used to have
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Teenage Queen Lyrics

Spout – Teenage Queen Lyrics