Blind illusions, no revolution
Stuck in a season of grief
Desperations of lifes frustrations
Down to misty valley we sail better hold on
What makes you happy makes me cold
'cause I'm aware of my home
Conversations and expectations
Down to misty valley we sail better hold on
Are you happy now and does a warm breeze rock your soul
Feel it coming
I hear him calling the cold breeze eating my bones
Death-destination has no explanation
Down to misty valley we sail better hold on
Pass the sound of wispers
Dream away
Got to dream away
Got to make my head breath
I can't sit here and moan
Got to grab my strings of hope
Try to make them shine
I'm sick and I'm tired
I've found myself grown so old
And in my head its this noise
Think I'm gonna explode And I sure want to
Outside I see that snow has begun to fall
And it reminds me of you
And pass the sound of whispers
I feel the cold take a grip on my bones
Like a fairy
She dance so cool on the edge
She knows me
And I know her
She wants to show me
But she just walks away
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Misty Valley Lyrics

Spiritual Beggars – Misty Valley Lyrics

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