No light fantastic ever crosses my mind
That meditation stuff can make you go blind
Just crank that volume to the point of pain
Why waste good music on a brain.

Heavy (heavy) duty (duty)
Heavy duty rock and roll
Heavy (heavy) duty (duty)
Brings out the duty in my soul

I see you dancing there in front of the band
You're playing the solos with no guitar in your hand
I don't pull no punches, I wouldn't waste your time
And just 'cause it pays, that ain't no crime.


I don't need a woman, I won't take me no wife
I get their rock and roll and that'll be my life
No page in history, baby
That I don't need
I just want to make some eardrums bleed.

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Heavy Duty Lyrics

Spinal Tap – Heavy Duty Lyrics

Songwriters: Shearer, Harry / Reiner, Rob / Guest, Christopher / Mc Kean, Michael
Heavy Duty lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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