[samples of girls' voices]"They think they're like really friendly...like...like...people think 'great'...they really have no idea...I thought it was just like...like WOW! You know, like I'll tell you bout it when I get home!"

"Hey look at me I'm a scenester, hey look at me I'm a scenester, hey look at me I'm a scenester- can't get away from me scenester- go to all the rock and roll places, sit with all the rock and roll faces, I'm gonna be [so famous] WHEN I GET MYSELF A NEW TATTOO...[chorus riff]...buy all the records that they do/ go to all the shows that they do/ wear all the clothes that they do/ I don't give a shit, I don't have to/ paid [rock] does it all plastic/ [nothing if to keep 'em fantastic] / [can't make out next line] " they're so young and cute and they're SO CUTE!!"
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Scenester Lyrics

Spiderbait – Scenester Lyrics