Damn Eiht
What the fuck we gonna do now?

I don't know homeboy you know I'm sayin'?
But I'll tell you like this
We gonna bust some ass for the ninety-three shot

Right, these motherfuckers don't understand
We ain't from around here

That's all right you know I'm sayin'?
Cause we ain't takin' no shorts you know I'm sayin'?
Compton meets the motherfuckin Bay Town nigga
So step the fuck off this you know I'm sayin'?
My nigga Spice get with 'em

Ya see I'm nothin' but a mac-10 shooter
Killer man looter on the creep with the glock
Got it cocked picidy pop
I cold shot when the cop drop m-a-money gone nigga
Mind of a lunatic on a steel trigger
Motherfuckin' flash backs of nigga's bodies rip
From the AK blast on that ass hollow point to the tip to the toe
Creep slow and watch the blood hit the fuckin' flo'
It's the goddamn murda' show
Starring a nigga in black wearin' a weed hat creepin' low
And co-starring is a psycho motherfucker
He grew up in Compton bustin' caps at the cluckers
His name is MC motherfuckin' Eiht
He got the Uzi weigh a ton eatin niggas like a steak on a plate
So nigga get your popcorn and peanuts 'cause we nuts and we know
Sit back and watch a nigga murda at the murda show
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The Murda Show Lyrics

Spice 1 – The Murda Show Lyrics

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