Uh, Sparkle, Cam'Ron
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Yo, Cam I, and I'll kill ya
Flash and I ain't familiar

Well Sparkle, why the hell you puttin' diamonds in silver
Or this platinum? You acting
Stacking, style sweet
Me? I'm on Canal Street wit wild heat

Tryin' to make my child eat
Poke and Tone me in, zone me in
Now pony skin only when I'm coming at you
And I'm from a bad crew

But you know who they trust (Who?)
Me, that's who
Give me a quail-o then I lay low
Inside a mansion, Nokay-do

50 cents Fake-o Bay-bro
No see's in my lie
I need weed to get high
I need cheese to get by

After I smoke, I believe I can fly
I want the type of girl, tape a key to her thigh
But you look like the type that may be a good wife
Take me out the hood life, ma
To the good life

All I do is think about getting far away from here
All my life
And all of my time
Put into what I've always wanted
My time has finally come

1 - Everyday
Hope for tomorrow
So that I can get what's mine
Tell me can you feel me

2 - All I want is the good life
All I need is the good life
All I want is the good life
All I need is the good life

Ride the trips round the world
Expensive rocks from Tiffany
And escape off in Cali
City lights, shopping strips
And fancy cars from friends that give
It's the way I want to live

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 2]

I bought you bottles of the best shit, on the rocks
Showed you plenty of affection, off top
The way your eyes opened wide when you saw my watch
Claimed you got a 9-5, playing all the spots

Showing cleavage, get your freak on
Sneaking out with the V-12
Let your man push the neon
Lost your permit, forced you to floss the iron horse

I heard it
Boo I love the way you walk, all my thoughts perverted
'Cause I see you in Mi Casa
The perfect getaway

I cover us both, just like Medicaid
Try to regulate the good life, just a taste
When we finally get there, we gon' celebrate

[Repeat 2 until fade]
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Good Life Lyrics

Sparkle – Good Life Lyrics

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