It's me again, insignificant me again,
Just me again and my broken heart.
How can I love again, Now she's gone again,
I'm on that ship again,Called a sinking heart.

Oh I am so lonely,
I'm the man who would kill for love.
I'd kill for love!
Oh, I am a phony Valentino.
The man who would kill for,
Man who would kill for
Man who would kill, for love!

So I begin again, In all the wrong again.
The types of bar again, So full of charm.
I buy the drinks again, For the thousand girls again.
In the hope again I'll find another you.


So I begin again, begin again,
Begin again, right from the start.
Begin again, begin again,
Begin again, back to the drawing board.

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Begin Again Lyrics

Space – Begin Again Lyrics

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