The way you're breathing out
The way your godly smile shines on me
Reminds me all those rainy nights
Reminds me all the sorrows crying out

The mist before my eyes again
As if the pain was heading for the end
Confining all my griefs and pain
Restraining all the cries locked up inside

I don't mind about the prophets throwing answers
And the weaker ones who can't hear the laughter
Blame it on the pouring rain

Is there something above us pulling strings
A higher voice that makes them kneeling
Millions of believers praying
I don't give a shit about what they think
I still believe in what I've seen

Now the winds are slowly turning
Time has come, revealing every wounded word
Rise above A new mankind legacy
Time has come for us to bleed for every war
Rise above A new recovery
Blood and tears are now tearing down the chosen ones

Some of us can hear the whispers
Of every demons every daughters
The burden in their hands
Some of us pretend to live
In every single sparkle, in every dreams

Some of us can feel the cries
Fear the anguish of mankind
Feel the pain
Some of us cry out for mercy
For freedom of their innocence

New dimension of this world damnation
Put an end to fear, the end is near
Old perspectives, tides of darkness rising
Overwhelming every eyes
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Rise Above Lyrics

Southern Cross – Rise Above Lyrics

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