An angel lost its wings
Amongst the bags of things
Disclosed amounts of greed creep in daily
And though naïve at first
You must be quick to learn
Its not the words that hurt
So save them
Memories, meant for me

Take all the time in the world
All the time you deserve
You'll be lost, but you'll be free

Now the luck is found
Our feet won't touch the ground
Might not be first in line, still we stand by
Cut by broken glass
Leaves splinters in our path
Been guided by our thoughts so hold that
Memories, meant for me

I won't guess forever, given chance is slender
Forgive each fragile day and fail to capture thoughts
The restless side has gone away
Breathe out, never forget this fragile day
Lift this fragile weight
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Fragile Day Lyrics

South – Fragile Day Lyrics

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