Ahhh Ahhh Ahh (Ring Ring)
(Spm)Damn, who tha fuck is calling me?
Don't answer it.
(Spm)Hold on let me see. Na that's my baby momma, if i don't answer it,
she'll get her ass over here. Just don't say nothin.
Dope House!
(Spm's Wife) What are you doin?
(Spm's Wife)What took you so long to answer the phone? What tha Fuck
is going on?
(Spm)Nuttin Man Damn! I'll Call you back.
(Spm's Wife)Whatever
(Spm)Alright bye.
Carlos why do you lie to that girl like that?
(Spm)What you talking about? I told her i was NUTTIN... Laughing
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Skit Lyrics

South Park Mexican – Skit Lyrics