F/ 12 O'Klock, Trenity

[Chorus:] 2x
You gone get what the f**k you came for
I got that s**t you wanna bust my brains for
It could be this n***a, that, niggat this, n***a that
But you gone get what the f**k you came for

[Soulja Slim]
Yeah I'm comin 'round ya'll muthafuckin set, wit my gun in my hand
Not to kill ya, just to get it off my chest like a man
I use ta, f**k wit cha, now I gives a f**k about ya
Tryna jack a jacker?, b***h I'll blow ya mama house up
You know how we do, them 3rd ward n***a
Don't f**k wit Soulja Slim, I gotta grave yard n***a
They say ya'll n****s gettin beside yourself
Ya playin wit cha life gone jeprodize ya'self
I'ma natural born, hustla hitta, go getta, 6 Co' fa
Sho n***a, whoa n***a, you aint sayin nothin
I'm sprayin somethin, I'm willin to die behind mine
My ak pump the party, that's my Partners n Crime
If you only knew, what goes on in my mind
I see murder, and do murder, f**k it, I'm "Trapped in Crime"
It's kinda hard for me, to walk a straight line
I'd rather give a n***a somethin 'fore I let em take mine


I heard these n****s wanna murder me, bury me, carry me, back to the grave
Was first, bein in a hearse, or bein in a cell block packed wit the slaves
Get smacked in the face, tried to see my body stacked in the case
A lack of the trace, I don't never get out tracked in a race
Cause I'm that n***a that learned to respect the game that my ho's gave me
And aint no need of me livin for God cause I know heaven can't take me
And the devil can't make me, Not prison or them bullets can break me
I done went from leg wounds to the head wounds, what you been thru lately?
I tried to be down to earth but it's like I'm slowly fallin off it
I'm by the bridge awaitin hell, but I'm ready to walk across it
Let-a-n***a-chalk-it, let it come and find the human target
Cause n***a I married the game and we left 4 blood stains at the Paupet
And I'm still lost to the world, but if you wants it come and get me
But I aint that n***a to be sittin around thinkin bout what you did me
This n***a done bent me, this b***h gone fell me all in his kidney
B***h I'ma soulja for life and I'm too real for you to sell or rent me


[12 O'Klock]
Papa was a rollin stone, had a hat filled wit dice
Taught me "Son get yo own, give no ho your life"
Thru struggle, there's progress, I'ma livin testimony
I went to Range Rovers and writin checks, when I
Started out as a junkey, f**k Love!
I don't trust love, I don't need love in this picture
Cause the one you choose to love, no doubt, will be the one to get cha
Actin off of impulse, is a weakness fools keep (damn fools)
Thinkin wit the index finger, gets many put to sleep
What goes around comes around, I don't believe that friend
Cause if you let me get you now, I'm bound to strike again
How you live is how you die, that's words of the good book
But I was born into this sin, So I guess I'ma die a crook
A man that stands for nothin, falls for anything, and
A man that stands for somethin, calls for many things
Me, I'm like Clint Eastwood, wanna Fist Full of Dollars
F**k the b*****s, f**k the fame, just give me the power

[Chorus:] until end
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What You Came Fo Lyrics

Soulja Slim – What You Came Fo Lyrics