Featuring Full Blooded

Chorus: x2
(Soulja Slim)Me and My cousin we stay bustin
Head busters off top
(Full Blooded)It ain't no thang to let 'em hang
And watch them pistols go pop

(Soulja Slim)
If it ain't no thang to let 'em hang then watch these pistols pop
Then it ain't no thang to let 'em hang and see a n***a drop
My pistol cocked
And it stays like that
Me and my cousin we keep our A k's like that
Bout that combat way before I singed with No Limit
I been a soldier
3 steps from Magnolia
Use to jack it if I was sober
Get it how I live
Now picture me takin over
This whole rap biz
Tell it how it is
And give it to you raw as I could
Take it how you wanna
As long as the s**t understood
Smokin on backwoods
Filled with some s**t we got from L. A.
My cousin told me
We got a flight today
Okay so I pack my bags and get ready for the trip
You know I'm a redrummer so I stash 4 clips
I'm vest out In case a n***a might try to blow my chess out
We ridin on the plane sessed out

(Full Blooded)
It's automatic quick as I can say it I got's to have it
Let me get that out ya Let me get that with ya
Then I hit ya
In ya face
Got me waking up the whole damn place
Mother fuckers hittin lights
In the middle of night
(Who huh what damn)
You see me on tv
In the metro where the murderers on the hitlist p
Well get with it shit's real
Fuckin world is like a movie
One minute I'm waking every n***a
The next minute I'm with the oozie
Got us ridin thru deep
Thru the you-P-T
Some n***a lookin for my cousin heard he ask about me
Why this s**t has to be
Is what my girl keep asking me
I'm doing something, whatever it is got these n****s after me
So we lay camouflage behind dark tent
Got enough s**t to leave all 4 corners bent
Puttin this b***h in reverse hittin that n***a thru my windshield
I'm a die with my lil cousin before I leave him there to get kill

Chorus: x2

(Soulja Slim)
That iron a get yall mind right I know how it feel
Matthew givin a f**k (Full Blooded: man mo murder mo kill)
Shit's real and this s**t bout to go down
My cousin a real hound
He can smell it tell it
(Full Blooded)
(sniff)I smell murder(sniff)I smell beef
Them n****s over there by the pole soldiers tryin to be low key
(Soulja Slim)
Uhh Huh Them n****s just don't know that we got them on beam
And I don't like that n***a over there anyway
With that camouflage green
(Full Blooded)
N***a nigga n***a nigga n***a
F**k that s**t
Up your s**t
Let's make it happen round this b***h
With that n***a Pokey we die rich
(Soulja Slim)
So we with wits
To slangin that iron
Bloods thicker than water n****s don't mind dying
(Full Blooded)
So we gave it to 'em raw
Wasn't even no war
Go take a ride go get blowed just forget what we saw
(Soulja Slim)
S**t n***a put it in wind then
You know I got bad nerves
This for all the trill n****s from the 17th to the 3rd

Chorus till end
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Me And My Cousin Lyrics