Soulja Boy on the beat
Givenchy this, Versace that
I’mma tell you some real s**t boy
Gucci this and Polo that
Louie this, got racks and racks
Stacks on stacks, got tats and tats
King the movie, King Soulja the mixtape
King Soulja in this b***h
No pad, no pen
Soulja Boy on the beat
I’ve been getting money (money)

Diamonds on my neck, chain yea it glisten (let’s go)
B***h n****s be hatin and all these n****s trippin (f**k em)
Flexin through the club and you know I got my pistol
And that Rolex on my wrist and that s**t is presidential
And that s**t is so official and the stacks on deck Money Gang
Takin over s**t (damn), b***h boy I’ll bust yo brain
Young Soulja Boy, claimin Rich Gang
Swerve off in that Ferrari, or Rover runnin (that foreign)
B***h boy, I get pounds, I get qp’s (damn)
I get bricks, I got blocks, n***a oowee (turn up)
Hit the town, spray the hood, n***a who is he? (hah?)
Want beef with me – get his a** rip (what?)
Young Dre keep all this fuckin gun smoke (Soulja)
Young Soulja keep all these fuckin fresh clothes
Young Dre, got a whole lot of bad hoes (Dre)
I’ve been smoking kush, weed comin by the O’s
Pack touchdown, runnin through that quick (that right)
Everybody know that I’m Hood Rich (swing that)
Flex 10 chains, cost me 8 bricks (bands)
I done sold everything from neck to this
Soulja, Young Dre, b***h, straight out the trap
Brick Side, Zone 1, with that pistol in my lap
I’ve been getting money and I’ve been seeing cash
All this money in my pocket, I’m bout to make you splash
Jordans on my feet, I’m clean as I can be (Soulja)
Smoking on that kush and I think it’s og (damn)
Rest in peace to all my n****s dead and gone
Sippin on this lean, kush is my cologne
I be going ham, I be going fair
Pull up in that lane (damn), candy paint red (Soulja)
Young Dre gotta fay, juice with the weight
Coming through the hood and they know a n***a paid (20-13)
Paid in full, just look at my jewels (A-Town)
Pinky ring, ice chain, bullets & bands
See over sod, flexin through that zone
I’m from pte to zone 3, they f**k with me
Kickin s**t the long way, double packin sacks, racks on racks
Blow the strong way (juice up)
Young Dre, I f**k with sod the long way (swing that)
We be getting cash all night and all damn day (gwap)
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No Pad No Pen Lyrics