Ever since you've come my way,
There's something deep inside me said,
Nothing that I've ever seen could ever be compared.
Still I seen it all before, but I have always wanted more.
Then a moment every thrill, I catch a love affair.

Gotta get to know you better (baby, I've got ot know),
I envision us together, whoa,

I'm feeling you without even knowing you.
No one elese will ever do, so I've got to tell you.
I'm feeling you without even touching you.
Saw you instantly I knew,
That I had to make you mine.

Never thought I ever find, then you stepped up in my mind
Just one look from and then, my heart was blown away
You charmed me your aittude, the confidence that you exude
I can tell your favorite would be, oh so good to taste, yeah,

Could it be, we're getting closer (baby, I've got ot know),
Wonder have you even noticed,


(Yeah, I'm feeling you, feeling you, baby)

Gotta get to know you better (baby, I've got ot know),
I envision us togetehr, whoa,


(I'm feeling you..)
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Feelin' You Lyrics

SoulDecision – Feelin' You Lyrics

Songwriters: Guthrie, Trevor Dean / Bowman, David / Lewko, Ken / Glass, Preston W
Feelin' You lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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