Why did I just say that?
I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean to lead you on,
When I had no intention of doing anything

you'd been planning all along.
Last night I had the strangest dreamm about my old girlfriend,
Said she loved me for the first time.
But when I woke up next to you I just felt guilty,

But I know it's not a crime.
I'm only waiting.
waiting for so long.
Waiting in my bed

For a lover who's gone.
what if she should come back right this minute?
The shit I'm in, it breaks my heart to break the image she's made of me.
Now I'm on the doorstep.

All it takes is just one more step
To walk inside get in my bedroom secretly
Why did I just say that?

I knew I shouldn't.
I wish I wouldn't
Wish for someone to occupy my time.
Why did I not make it clearer,

You and I had nothing ever.
You're all dressed up
But I just changed my mind.
January turns into July.
And I'm stuck here waiting.
Wishing when you left you told me why.
Or said goodbye!
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Waiting Lyrics

Soulcracker – Waiting Lyrics

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