Astral servitors drone
Upon horns and pipes in sonorous monotone
To announce the Old Ones' arrival
As the portal yawns from the bowels of the void

Screaming from the gulfs of the nether
Vast energies from beyond the stars gather...
The Outer Gods spill forth into this earthly domain
Conjured by rites of the insane.

Know that existence is without meaning
Eons I have spent alone, seething
Cursed by the knowledge I once sought
To see what the False Gods have wrought...

Part ii: The Path of Annihilation

Cataclysmic feeding frenzy
Cities fall to this voracity

The elements are pushed beyond the threshold
Altered by dimensions of horrors untold

The path of annihilation is blazed
The world frozen in terror beneath an odious gaze
Al hope has been consumed
All that once was will soon meet it's final doom.

Part iii: Supplicants and the Final Conjuration

Apostles of a depraved faith
Acolytes gather to prepare
Initiates revel in a sacrificial fate
Let no soul be spared.

Blasphemous rites in the temple
Blood stains the stone
Intoned by desperate fanatics
Speaking the forbidden litany...

These are the incantations
The world hoped never to hear
The Chilling revelations
The Conjuration of a new Pantheon

The harbinger of ruin
The Goat with a Thousand Young
Supplication to the obscene truth within
Reality comes undone.

Let it be done!

Part iv: Whispers from Beyond (instrumental)

Part V: Prelude to Oblivion

The Dream Quest is over
It has come full circle at last
I have danced the wretched spiral
And all perils, I have surpassed

The knowledge that I have gained
Is a burden I yearn to discard
Only visions of madness have filled my mind
An ever-deepening scar

Thus, these portents have come to pass
And I watch this world fall to the Astral Harvest
Heed these words as I fade into the ether
As oblivion draws nearer...

Seek not the truth of this terrible universe...
Lest your fragile minds collapse
In the eyes of the Outer Gods...
... We are nothing at all.

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The Astral Harvest Lyrics

Sorrowseed – The Astral Harvest Lyrics