Mona,... where you goinna go when the sun goes down...
Mona... put on your red dress and head into town...

Mona works at the lonesome pine,
She don't get rich but she does fine,
Serves up burgers and onion rings,
And longneck buds at a dollar apiece.
Good ole boys come from miles around,
To watch her walk and lay it down.
She saves quarters, and nickels and dimes,
Saves it up for a rainny night,...
Mona's going to the midnight show,
Heard about it on the radio.,
Saddle up that ole Chevrolet,
Two dollars in the tank,
And she's on her way.
Hot bands at the waterin' hole,
And Mona love's to dance real slow.
Honky tonks and neon lights
Fifty cent beer on a sat night...

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Mona Lyrics

Sonny Tackett – Mona Lyrics