Pretty Eyes
my eyes might move
but my body is stuck on edge to
patiently predict if your next hit prevails
let's dim these lights a little more
so I can watch you burn a tad bit better
a taste of pleasure
would it hurt to ask for more?

and I never wanted more
than just to watch you fade away
I'm still stuck in this world
this state of mind that still believes in fate
I'm holding back
but holding on to what I have
I'll remember you for this
you're nothing but pretty eyes

from something smooth to rough around the edge
you sucked me in so deep no rope could reach
(to save me)
you've turned out the light
you're so predictable
yet so impossible
it's impossible to figure you out

therapy to my broken bones
I'm hoping for a miracle
but loving this ride
it's your name at the top of my lungs
and I'm telling you this one more time
just close your mouth and eyes
and if you open up your ears you'll hear your hearts in sync with mine
and everytime it skips your smile's what fills the miss inside
and the hardest part of moving on,
the hardest part is knowing you'll be gone

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Pretty Eyes Lyrics

Someday Never – Pretty Eyes Lyrics