Been worried about you these days
Fast and enough to throw up
Dizzy up and roll down the displays
It can't stop
You tried to let it go
Be aware don't you know
Spoken before they finished
All the time has accomplished
They throw me out
Without knowing how to shout
Forget the days
If you really want me
Just please stay

There's two more days left before I go
I really think you don't know
If it's the way you want it to be
Discuss all the things for you
First just look at me
You came down the hills just to pass me by
Looking for a chance to cry
Setting the birds all free
But look at me

Been crazy all the time
Do fight but don't do crime
This time I would just stay
But there's no other chances to say that
I hate you
I love you
Why can't I remember to forget you
Must be stupid cos I know what else to do

(chorus 2x)

Hey is aaron home?
Well will you tell him I stopped by

Did you forget the day I told you
The rumors are passing through
Just tell me how you feel
It all happen real
Forget the day I called you
Forget the time I told ya
Give me pressure to give it all away

(guitar solo)

(chorus 3x)
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Look At Me Lyrics

Sofie – Look At Me Lyrics