She's the type of girl that everybody talks about. In a type of world that no one really talks about. But everybody talks about what no one really talks about.

See all the flowers you shitty band from Chicago. Did you hear it rains in Seattle nine months at a time? Shoot fireworks at passing cars to let Georgia know we've arrived. Break ten hearts in every city cause we love when girls cry.

How far this really goes? How much this really takes. We traded crayons for cigarettes. Now ashes fall down our faces.

I cleaned up my act then littered both Carolina's. It's music to my ears your name was my favorite song. I don't give a shit they shut down Krome. I won't save a scene that has nowhere to go. 38 Robinson St. A little rendezvous.

Every wind that takes me home drags me further out to sea. Further out to make mistakes cause I know I've found me. I got a house on Sunset Strip with a view of Sunset Beach. I'm glad I made mistakes cause now I found me. I know this suits me.
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She's The Type Of Girl Lyrics

Socratic – She's The Type Of Girl Lyrics