Don't worry girl.
Oh, I'll be the bear you need.
Underneath your sheets and helping you sleep.
Where should we go?
Oh, I'll be the car you need.
You started my engine.
Now you're driving me crazy.
I usually don't hand out my keys.
But you can drive anytime you want.
And your eyes remind me of the trees.
How they turn from beautiful brown to green,
When I am gone, you are all I see.
The wind sweeps across and they whisper to me.
"There is a girl back home.
She's bright and she's warm, so don't let her go."
I'll be the sun and let you soak in me.
Keeping me dry and out of the shitty weather.
If you cry I will sing beautifully.
Don't mind my tone,
You know you're making me nervous.
Riding shooting stars all day,
Everyone is just jealous of us.
Floating my days away,
I think we're in paradise.
Just hold onto my body.
Leave marks on my skin.
You know you mean the world to me.
Home is where you are and home is just where I'm going.
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Another Headache Lyrics

Socratic – Another Headache Lyrics