Nothing ever goes your way,
Outcast with fear in your eyes, with fear in your eyes.
Bring your knife to the drive-in and meet your destiny

And the sky turns black.
Angels are fighting for your soul.
The sin is so overcoming, so tempting.
Nothing ever goes your way.
And the girls laugh, and the hate grows,
You seclude ourself to darkness.

But I'll still pray

I'll still pray for love to find your eyes
Burning with shame,
And to end the bitterness that shakes your body.

Please let me love you one like too many.
Now one lie is gone.
You're failing, please let me love you.

It never fails.

How the lies taunt you
And how the bitterness shakes your body,
Closing your eyes so you cannot see His grace.
Everything's drawing near, and it ruses into hate.
You've waited too long for it to disappear, to die again,
Let Him love you,
Don't wait for the evenig sleep to end,
Hold His hand.
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Knife Fight Lyrics

Society's Finest – Knife Fight Lyrics