Now if a young girl is absent and hangs with the guys
And if a young girl needs a young girl to [unknown] (hear this)
Another time at dance I'm a real girl stopper
Listen and go dance playing things a from the speaker
I will eat liquor with chicken - not my favorite supper
Now if you think that I'm a joke I lie go on ask me mother
I'm living at the island sweet sweet jamaica
Fish with [unknown] for tea me say down in at the river
Hanging at the dance with the boy them call ninja

They know that it's only a dream
So na na na now they know that it's only a dream

They come into the night [unknown]
Spaced in front of the [unknown] because of the [unknown]
Yes sir daddy snow and daddy ray is my partner
[unknown] in other words we get better
The hangin' on and I now believe the only thing great

[unknown] might never ever get
A minute ago [unknown] a time ago [unknown]
At least I'm not the one that dem call [unknown]


Hear this
Another time I done I go to stole a party
People them are loud blow clap and rewind me
Speakers and guitar playing style and rapping
Sweet old snow with in a the microphone


Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey...
[unknown] about and when
[unknown] I say I'm mostly there now everyday
Up the street [unknown]
[unknown] in the back [unknown] finish my drink
The girls dem must get in the way
[unknown] people say it's [unknown]
[unknown] listen to me when I tell you girl
You must be you must be in love

Hear this
Black [unknown]
Anything you want to flow
If you take a joke

If you think I lie

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Dream Lyrics

Snow – Dream Lyrics

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