Yeah, yeah, ya
Your ass
Is wider
Than a
Bus tire
Of you
I'm not afraid
I want a fat babe

Eat me
A whole pound
Of steak
Finish your whole plate
It's O. K.
That I want a fat babe

Biggie fries
With a 64 ounce milk shake
Every step is like an Earth quake
You're so wide
Queen of the all you can eat buffet
I want a fat babe

Thin girls they're starvin'
For what we're carvin'
What they say
Has no weight
Cause I want a fat babe

Cherry pie
You got that extra cushion
Thunder thighs
Much better for the pushin'
Slip and slide
Next to you I'm always in the shade
I want a fat babe

Magazines and the movie screens
Say thin is the way to be
But you can't go the distance
With out some resistance
The bigger the better for me

Your ass is wider
Than a church choir
Eat more
Eat More
Eat More
Eat More

I wanna her you say
I'm having some shake-n-bake
Jenny Craig is a mistake
(Don't want a skinny bitch)
Ally Mcbeal I hate
(I hate)
I'll be a fat babe

Eat it fried
Please don't leave with out more dinner
Extra sides
Baby s*** isn't thinner
Open wide
I never want to see you loose weight
(Don't want a skinny bitch)
I want a fat babe

Tell me why
That ain't nothing but a fruit plate
You're dieting to loose weight
It's not right
Tae-Boe took all your pounds away
I want a fat babe

Cause I want a fat babe
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I Want A Fat Babe Lyrics

Snackstreet Boys – I Want A Fat Babe Lyrics

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