Gimme yo number
And I'm gon call
When I seen u at the mall
I could see that u were sexy
And I aint gon lie
I just wanna take u home wit me
Home wit me
Home wit me
Just wanna take u...


When I laid eyes on ya
I could see the future
You turned me into stone
You had to be Medusa
Body was incredible
You had to be super... model
A guy like me I had to introduce ya

You up in vicki secrets
Tryna get ya sexy on
And it's on
Full blast got the new Giuseppes on
And her hair done nails done
Errythang did
And nothins on her finger
Where a wedding ring fits

So I walked ova to her
Like "aye ms. beautiful"
You looking good from ya head
To ya cuticles
I mean I really don't do this
On the usual
But you definitely the type
That I would do it fo'

And by the way
They call me smoov
What yo name is?
Oh alexis?
Outta texas?
Well that explains why
You fillin out the spandex
Before I hit you wit that address

[Repeat Hook]


So I texted her right away
Just to see if she would get it
She hit me right back
I could see that she was wit it
Asked me for directions
And exactly what to bring
I told her don't trip
I got exactly what ya need

You could stay however long
I aint asking u to leave
As long as u enjoy ya time
Relaxing her wit me
We can have movie night
Or get straight to the loving
Ya eyes, ya face, ya smile
I love it

And everythang ya body might require
I does it
Everythang u figured I would be
I wasn't
You went against the grain
Now you feelin like ya won
But ever since u came
I been beamin like the sun

And ya girlfriends mad
Got u seeming like u dumb
But umm
They just jealous tell em
Beat it like a drum
Kuz what we got is special
I aint leavin it fa nuttin
If women ruled the Matrix
I would treat you like the ONE...

[Repeat Hook]


All the single ladies
If you hear me raise yo hands
Even if you aint single
I aint thinkin bout yo man
If you sexy and you know it
You can come over and show it
Put yo number in my phone
Kuz I'm tryna take u home

Mama go hard
Mama look good
We can go far
I'm thinkin we should
Girl if you roll wit me
I can show ya things
That you won't believe
Just wanna take you...

[Repeat Hook til End]
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Take U Home Lyrics

Smoovie Baby – Take U Home Lyrics

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