Listen to the message yh

Check it Check it

I'm so real
I take on any one in the game
I've got tiger blood *call me Charlie sheen*
You can't be running your mouth
I hear these bredas chat about
They're the best in the scene
You're not the best in the scene
You're just a minor mc
You best humble yourself
Or you come off the game
It's that simple

I'm so sick and tired
Of these mc's chatting about how they get money
How they get bitches
And how they buss gunshots *nah*
That's not the way forward
You can't be chattin' bout that and expect to get signed *nah*
We're in the 21st century
You need to think about
How you can influence the younger generation
To be about positive things
Not about negative things *yeah*

You rap about guns
You rap about knives
Yet you wonder why the youth
Are stabbing and killing each other
Over minor things
You must be well proud
Cause your mission has been well accomplished
Cause the youth
Are now stabbing and killing each other
On the street
Like it's a minor thing
That's the main reason
Why the industry is blaming grime
For knife crime, everytime
Now it's hard for grime artists
To get signed and stay true to grime

Just to let you know
If you're still rapping about knives
About gangs
About guns
You're wasting your time
I suggest you read a book
And stop wasting money to go studio
Cuz lets face facts
You'll never get signed
If you're chattin' bout
Stabbing someone
Or shooting someone
So leave the game
And do something better with your life
*Yeah* do something better with your life
*Like* you could work in Mcdeez
Or you could sweep the roads
If it's not too late
You could go to uni
And get a degree so you better yourself
Instead of being a bad influence
To the youth in the comunity
We need unity
We need to stand as one
We need to work together
We need to help one another to achieve our aims
We need to stop fighting against one another
So we work our way to the top
Like john lenon said
A dream you dream alone is only a dream
A dream you dream together is reality
So convert your dreams to reality
By working together


Martin Luther King
He was the king of the kings
May his soul rest in peace
I take my hats off for him for what he did
We need to stick up for him and what he did

Smithigo shawts
I'm just expressing my thoughts
I'm out
I'm out
I'm out
I'm out
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Expressing My Thoughts Lyrics

Smithigo Shawts – Expressing My Thoughts Lyrics

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