Smilez:ooh this club is live,South.I'm feelin us dog.
Man:yo get to the back of the line!
Southstar:excuse me sir,sir
Man:yea what you want
Southstar:we on the ??? list,Smilez and Southstar,Smilez and Southstar
Man:S?Southtro?yea whatever man
Smilez:Smilez and Southstar,homeboy!
Man:Oh alright,let me check the list.Oh I see your name
Southstar:Okay,let's go,let's go
Man:But hold up,
Man:ya cannot came in here dress like that
Smilez:yo what you mean,man,what are you talking about?
Man:Yo this is what I'm talkin about!ya got the tims on,the badanas on,the hats
Backwards,that shit is not fly is this club.
Smilez:so you sayin it's not fly,well yo,we'll be right back,
Man:ya come back now,ya hear?
Smilez:??You know what we gotta do,right?
Southstar:Yea,let's go do this.
(stats walking )
(gets in car)
Smilez:I got something for???dog
Southstar:get the fuck out of...
(turns on ignition)
Smilez:Ay yo ?? COMING IN NOW!!!
(drives car to club,everyone screams)
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On The List Lyrics

Smilez And Southstar – On The List Lyrics