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Sean whats up its Cody
So i was just uh driving from the old road
And there's this fucking ford truck in front of me
And it has a W '04 sticker

And it has a fucking uh a George bush sticker
You know and then it has a it has those little sticker guys
That usually people have like piss on ford or piss on Chevy
And its all piss on John Kerry

Like he had all this shit on the back of his truck right
So were sittin' at the stop stoplight
So i flip him the fucking W
Like you said right

And so I'm flipping him the W
And like he cant figure it out
And hes like telling his wife

I can see hes like
"Ya there's this guy behind me ya know like doing the W sign"
And he didn't get mad right
Cause he didn't know

He thought I was like ya fucking pro bush
So i give him the W and i flip him off
At the same time dude
And then he realizes like
"Oh shit this guy isn't a fucking pro Bush guy"

Ya know
And then he
The the light turns green
And he fucking he stops in the middle of the intersection dude

And then his wife's like
You could tell shes like
"What are you doing"
Ya know
And so then he just takes off
And then the next light turns red

And he fucking hits reverse
Like hes gonna reverse into me and shit
And then ya know

I was just sat there patiently ya know
Just like I'm not gonna budge
I'm not gonna try to drive away scared or anything
Ya know
And then he just takes off and it was it was just like nothing happened
But it was funny dude
I had to fucking do something to this guy dude

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Cody Lyrics

Smile Empty Soul – Cody Lyrics


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