Middle of nowhere and you are nowhere near
I wish that I was with you I wish that I could kiss you
But you're beautiful back home and you will never know
The way I miss your smile when you are not around
Its been to long

I wsih I could be next to you now
But you're a million miles away
Its like forever and a day
There's nothing you could ever do
To make me change my mind,
Convince me otherwise

I guess I found out quick just how tired and sick
And lonely I could get when away for just a sec
But I'm on my way back home going as fast as I can go
Got the pedal to the floor dissobeying all speed zones
I'm coming home

Its raining again
If I close my eyes
I can hold your hand
Can be with you in my dreams
And if I could you know I would
I'd leave it all to be with you

Plan the escape.
Ride the win.
Strtegic from the begin
Wait for me there in the shadows of heaven.
I'm finally here with you.
Beautiful back home
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Beautiful Back Home Lyrics

Slowride – Beautiful Back Home Lyrics