They use what they have and they fake what they lack, whether or not it's true.
But after awhile well they showed up in style, and nobody thought they were blue.
The dog days are down, and then you know they're always here.

Love you more when you're out of my sight.
Would I love you less if I see you all the time?
Did you ever think the situation would work out fine?

And we're pretty together. You never think I care.
But everything works now if you let it.
Open your life and don't regret it.
But you gotta save your life, baby blue.

Leading your arm song after song, your intentions are no less true.
But after awhile you'll be sacked without style, and turncoats will make you feel blue.
The dog days are down and will remind you I'm always here.

You're pretty together.
You never think I care.
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Pretty Together Lyrics

Sloan – Pretty Together Lyrics