(C. Murphy/Sloan)

Congratulations on your deal
I imagine you said the whole spiel
A thousand times so take your time

I'm sure that someone's dying to tell me
Even if it isn't you
But if you want to I'm all ears
That's why I grow my hair so long

Lucky for me

I'm glad you're inspired
But how come I'm tired

I need a rest so here's a test
Are you going to move out west
That would be all I need
To earn the set of misery

I've collected all my life
All I need is to be your wife
Then misery belongs to me
Rent it out if you've got a tv

Lucky for me

I know how you feel
To know how I feel

I guess the ball is in my court
I suppose you want me to abort
Our whole relationship well
Screw you
'Cause I'm not about to
I'm sure that someone's dying to tell you
Even if it isn't me
But, if you want me, I'm all yours
That's why I stayed around so long

Lucky for me
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Lucky For Me Lyrics

Sloan – Lucky For Me Lyrics