Zero and zero is nothing but zero
Cancer and people conspire together
Running and running and going forever
Collected and sampled, starving for zero

Come see my cage, built in my grain

Minus the inside and minus the circle
Inhabit the riddle and fill in the hovel
Wherein and herein, between us and near us
Zero and zero is nothing but zero

Come see my cage, built-in migraine

Keeping myself alive
Through your empathy
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Skin Ticket Lyrics

Slipknot – Skin Ticket Lyrics

Songwriters: Crahan, Michael Shawn / Jones, Craig Alan / Root, James Donald / Wilson, Sidney George / Gray, Paul Dedrick / Fehn, Christopher Michael / Taylor, Corey Todd / Jordison, Nathan Jonas / Thomson, Mickael Gordon
Skin Ticket lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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