Thrown out in the cold again.
We donæ?° have a place for you here.
You did everything shy of call me stupid.
Why not take this comfort away.
Youæ?³e got everything else.
Donæ?° worry about me, Iæ?£l be fine.
Itæ?¯ all right now, Iæ?³e found my way.
No thanks to you Iæ?£l be o.k.
Youæ?³e showed me how to mistrust.
No thanks to you Iæ?£l be o.k.
Could you come and walk with me and help me not to stray?
I need your strength to guide me.
So show me how to trust and to know faith.
Iæ?³e paid a price I now,
Not standing up for my beliefs.
Whatæ?¯ inside wonæ?° be held back I know that with your love I will find peace.

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East On Tracks Lyrics

Slick Shoes – East On Tracks Lyrics