Help me
Help me understand
I feel like shit
But at least I feel something

Let me be alone
Let me live my own life
Call me everything you need
But it's unnecessary

If my dreams are falling in
Yours are only falling apart
You are just pushing me down
Let me Dissapear

I'm not, who I used to be
I'm not that boy anymore
Little wretch, just leave me alone
Let me live
Let me be

I can se your eyes burning
Like the heart of the sun
You are just wasting my life
You are just a pain

My life
Is better whitout you
And I don't mind
Living on my own

Cuz I can't take it
Cuz you are just
Ruin my life


(Guitar solo)

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Behind The Shadows Lyrics

Sleipner – Behind The Shadows Lyrics

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