I'm moving up
To find my way outta town
Before my fuel's burnt up
Before I'm out of luck
Now I'm moving out
I'm finding peace in myself
Before I'm due to grow up
Before I have to say

We're grown up
We're dressed up
I can't wait
For you to see

I'm breaking my back
Slaving away for the days
The days I spend away
My childhood's lost in work
I'm showing myself
That this is growing up
You've gotta work to earn
And you've gotta pay to learn

Now you're giving up
You're trying to escape
But you're way to late
You've left it up to fate
And you're loosing it
You've taken your last hit
You've thrown your last miss
So leave me with a kiss

You know we don't have to grow up
But your morals say we should
But I'm not so keen to give up
On the fun we could still have
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Growing Up Lyrics

Sleeping Lions – Growing Up Lyrics

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